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My Makeup Must-haves

As we reach the final stretch of the year I thought it would be fitting to write a small review on some of my favourite products that formed the foundation of my kit for 2018. The arrival of Spring is sure to bring an influx of new products into our lives, but I’m staying faithful to my own personal “fantastic four”. Let’s begin shall we!


Urban Decay- Naked Heat Palette

Wow, what can I say about this palette that hasn’t been said before? I think the Naked Heat Palette is essential to absolutely every female alive. Light skinned or Dark skinned this palette has a colour combo for EVERYONE. The pigment is amazing and also unique with an assortment of clay and copper tones that flow into darker red and purple shades. I used this palette on numerous brides, fashion shoots and on my own eyes of course. I’ll definitely be taking Naked Heat with me into the summer season.


Essence- Lash Princess Mascara

Let me start by saying that I am a huge Essence fan. It’s no secret that more often than not one can really see the difference between high-end makeup and drugstore makeup, but I feel that Essence is the exception to this rule. Lash Princess is my absolute favourite Mascara and gives major volume to even the most tragic of lashes (sob, like mine!). This product proves that you don’t need to break the bank to look fabulous!

MAC- Viva Glam

The Viva Glam II Lipstick by MAC is my go-to nude for any season. This lip colour is without a doubt the most chosen lipstick by my brides due to it’s subtle tones that give the perfect tint to your own natural lip colour. Unlike many other lipsticks, Viva Glam steers clear of a super pink undertone, making it the perfect lip colour for all the classic girls out there.


Clinique- Even Better Foundation

Sometimes mum really does know best! My mom has been using this foundation for years (way before I started my career as a makeup artist) and I can honestly say it really is the best and most affordable foundation I have ever used. The Even Better Foundation absorbs into the skin effortlessly without caking into creases. Let’s be honest, a lot of foundations leave you looking orange and more often that not make us ladies look like we’ve applied skin toned plaster onto our faces; if this has happened to you then look no further, the Even Better Foundation really is… Better.


So that rounds off my top 4 for the year! I can’t wait to get my greedy little hands onto some new products this season, so stay tuned for more reviews!




Stay Beautiful (on the inside, because that’s what really counts)


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Taryn Vogl